All Lakes Open


There was good fishing to be had here at Manor Farm this weekend with some truly exceptional catches on Carp Lake.

On Damsel Ian and Ollie took 12 to 17lb and Ian Dunklin 6 to 21-08

Becks saw Adam with 5 to 17-09 and Will Lilywhite 5 to 17, 3 bream and 1 tench. Mike took 3 to 23lb and a jack pike that took his fake corn on the retrieve. Paul caught 8 to 22lb, a new PB and Christian Smart 3 to 18lb and Chris Wood 3 to 19lb

Carp Lake saw most of the action, Kai and Ben caught 7 between them both with an 18lb. Chris Wilkes had 4 twenties and a 17lb, Craig Coulston 2 to just under twenty and Martin Cull 4 to 16lb. Nathan Burnett picked up 4 to 19-08. a new PB. and Chris Wilkes 7 to 21lb. Darren had a good catch with 17 to 19-05.

The most outstanding catch was James Mercer (pictured) and Luke Reedman who caught an amazing 55 fish between them. James caught 26 fish 5 of which beat his previous PB which is now 26lb, Luke caught 29 to 23-15 and a PB tench at 8-01.

Another highlight was Sam Phipps, she was float fishing with a 4lb hooklink, size 12 hook baited with fake corn and maggot and took 20 minutes to land her first ever carp.

On Becks Adam netted 5 to 17-09. Will Lilywhite 5 to 17 plus 3 bream 1 tench. Paul banked 8 to 22lb, another PB busted at Manor Farm. Mike had 3 to 23lb and a jack pike that took his fake corn on the retrieve. Christain Smart took 3 to 18lb and Chris Wood 3 to 19lb.

There were no big ones out of Booneys this weekend but Gary Smith had 3 mid doubles, Chris took 2 to 19-10 off the top and Kev caught 2 mid doubles.

On Winters Andrew Slinsby caught 6 to 22-02, Lee Morgan 2 mirrors to 17lb and Brain Morgan a 28lb common.