All Lakes Open

Catch Report: 22nd September 2018

Stuart Minney 25-04 Booneys

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Carp Lake: 4 x 20’s out on Friday with the largest a 25lb common to Gary smith on halibut pellet tipped with popup corn. Keith also landed 4 carp between 13-8 and 22-10 using method and bright popups. Other good baits include 18mm Mainline Baits Hybrid boilies and 15mm Cell. Today has seen Richard Saunders land 2 fish including a 24-15 common on Korda Developments solid bag with slow sinking maize. Ian banked a 16lb mirror also on solid bags. Peter has landed 3 carp between 13 and 18lbs on fake corn. Fake corn either on its own or as a tip have caught 6 fish today. 

Becks Lake: Anthony landed a 21-5 common as well as Andy Foord taking 3 carp to 16-5 and 2 tench on home made mussel boilie. Today George has landed one of our top fish from Becks with a 20lb common on Mainline Baits 15mm High Leakage Pineapple. So far 6 carp between 12lb and 25lb have been landed using a variety of baits including Sticky Baits Bloodworm boilie over spod mix.

Booneys Lake: 5 x 20’s have been banked in the last 24 hours with the largest a 27lb common to Dave Watts on a homemade hook bait. Ross Savill also landed a 24lb common on Cell. Matt has been catching well with Sticky Baits Manilla taking 3 commons to 18lb and 1 mirror at 21lb. Other good baits include Essential Cell popups, Cell Dumbells in solid bags.

Winters Lake: A few fish have been banked with the best today a 26lb mirror to Morgan on Mainline Baits Diamond White and tutti fruitie popup. Cell wafters are also catching here.

OVERALL TIP: Not too much bait, solid bags are good and use a bright tip such as corn or yellow / white popup.

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