All Lakes Open

Catch Report: 13th August 2018

Luke Spencer 20lb  Becks Lake

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Most lakes were fishing well this weekend, sweetcorn over hemp is still proving to be a good tactic along with solid bags.
On Damsel Ben caught 12 to 23-08, Jamie Pullen 10 to 18-06 and 6 bream, James Nicholls 5 to 19-11 and 6 bream. Paul and Rob between them caught 7 to 21lb and 4 bream between 6 and 8lb. Paul Peachie had 2 to 17lb
On Becks Przemek caught 8 to 21lb and Darius 15 to 20lb on coconut boilies.  Zac netted 3 tench, a bream and a carp of 12lb and Spencer Haddingham 4 carp to 14-08. Luke Spencer caught a 20lb before going over to Winters, Roy a 23lb and Dave 7 to 17lb.
On Carp Lake Wayne Richardson caught  6 to 21lb on solid bag with particle and a white pop up. Keith Blake caught 12 to 22lb, Ben Siggins-Mackie a 19lb, Connor 13 to 19lb and Richard Milner 4 to 19lb
On Winters Steve Carter had 7 to 21lb, Steven Freear 3 of the Hybrids and an 18-03 and a 22-02 on Korda plastic sweet corn in a solid bag of pellets and Sarah Forker 3 to 26-08. Luke Spencer caught 9 to 18lb. Andy and Darrell had a great session and caught 27 fish between them to 31-02, including a 29-06, a 29-04 a 28-10 and a few around 26lb. Brian caught 4 to 22lb and Spiros and Ben 3 to 25-02. There was also a report of 2 anglers with 3 thirties between them.
On Booneys Stuart caught an 18lb and a 25-08 and Ross a 15lb
The Open Series Match on the Canal saw 1st place go to Paul Kyle peg 21 with 92-05, 2nd Ceri Bolitho on peg 17 with 66-05 and 3rd was Andy Tebbit on peg 7 with 56-11.