All Lakes Open

Latest Report: 11th June 2018

Steven Freear at ‘The Pig’ 27-12  Winters

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The variable weather has continued to make life difficult for anglers although there have been some good catches over the weekend.

On Damsel Martin Gray caught 14-08 and a 4lb tench. Steve Way caught 2 commons at 14lb and 21-08. Darren Twyler netted a 19-03 mirror.

Becks was the lake that fished the best. Barry Monahan took 3 to 15lb and a 5lb tench all to pineapple boilies. Dean Smith caught 3 tench and 2 bream. Philip Cooke bagged a nice 22lb common on a plastic dumbbell with 3 boilies in a mesh bag. Luke Redman was happy to catch 5 commons between 14 and 19lb, 7 bream and 7 tench including hid PB at 6-07. Dave bagged 9 to 20lb. Phil was also in the action with 4 to 22-08 and Dan Rolls picked a a 16lb

Anglers on Carp lake struggled but Artur Urbanowicz caught 3 including a 21 and a 22lb. His friend Mariusz Szczurek also had a welcome 21lb. Ashley Gary netted a 17lb common

On Winters Craig Reed bagged a PB at 17lb and Brade has 4 to 19-08.Booneys saw Luke take a 12lb, Reece Jackson an 18lb common, Jasper a 22lb. Steven Freear on a 72 hour session bagged 11 fish, some of them named fish and including 5 twenties to 29-13 on plastic Korda baits and Sticky Krill pellets. Karl Redband snared a 21lb. Lee Morgan banked a 16, an 18 and a 19-04

Booneys saw Luke take a 12lb, Reece Jackson an 18lb common, Jasper a 22lb, Liam a 21lb, Sam McMahon a 19lb and Ian a 16lb.