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Catch and Blog Archive for Manor Farm

Catch Report 13th August 2018

Most lakes were fishing well this weekend, sweetcorn over hemp is still proving to be a good tactic along with solid bags. On Damsel Ben caught 12 to 23-08, Jamie Pullen 10 to 18-06 and 6 bream, James Nicholls 5 to 19-11 and 6 bream. Paul and Rob between them caught 7... read more

Catch Report 6th August 2018

  With a respite from the prolonged hot weather all lakes fished well this weekend. Good baits all round includes sweetcorn over a bed of hemp, surface fishing in the evening but beware of the wildlife, zig fishing mid depth. Don’t put out too much bait, solid... read more

Catch Report August 6th 2018

  There was good fishing to be had here at Manor Farm this weekend with some truly exceptional catches on Carp Lake. On Damsel Ian and Ollie took 12 to 17lb and Ian Dunklin 6 to 21-08 Becks saw Adam with 5 to 17-09 and Will Lilywhite 5 to 17, 3 bream and 1 tench.... read more

Catch Report 23rd July 2018

  This weekend was a little quieter than last weekend here at Manor Farm. Margins and zigs still being your best option. Damsel: Paul Johnson caught a 20lb, Paul Caudrey 3 mid doubles and an 18lb. Neil Alexander 2 to 20lb. Dean netted 2 mid doubles Adam bagged 7... read more

Catch Report 16th July 2018

Lots of families were out on Damsel this weekend, Midge caught a 15lb common and 10 bream, although he was not too happy about the bream..Amir had 4 to 10-13 but the best of the group was young Daisy who bagged an 18-08. Dan Cox took 7 to 18-09 and a tench, Sam... read more

Catch Report 9th July 2018

Fishing has picked up this weekend with a good number of 20’s from Carp Lake. Notable catches are as follows. Damsel: Jay caught 4 to 16-08, Will (pictured) 4 to a 20lb mirror and Andy a 16lb and a 22lb. Plenty of Bream were coming out too. On Carp Lake Neil French... read more

Catch Report June 25th 2018

The fishing picked up this weekend with several anglers netting good multiple catches. Highlights as follows. On Damsel plenty of bream to 8lb were coming out. Andy caught a 21lb common from the margin and Nick a 15-14. Ryan Clay bagged 7 to 18lb while Brain Robertson... read more

Catch Report June 11th 2018

  The variable weather has continued to make life difficult for anglers although there have been some good catches over the weekend. On Damsel Martin Gray caught 14-08 and a 4lb tench. Steve Way caught 2 commons at 14lb and 21-08. Darren Twyler netted a 19-03... read more

Catch Report 4th June 2018

Sporadic spawning and heavy weather conspired against anglers this weekend and saw many struggle, there were however some notable highlights. On Damsel Theresa and Mike McEvoy booked a 6 night stint to celebrate Theresa’s birthday and target the bream. Sadly Theresa... read more

Catch Report 28th May

  Highlights of this weekend’s catches: On Damsel Craig Daniels bagged 5 to 18lb, fishing with Lee Turner who caught 3 to 21-08 and Tom Large 5 to 13lb. Jamie Pullen caught 5 to 21lb, Glem Barrable had 2 to an 18-10 common, Ben Bowler 5 to 18-04. Matthew Lucas... read more

Catch Report 23rd April

With Spring finally here Manor Farm has seen some big catches this weekend. On Damsel Lee Turner took 4 to 18lb, Craig Daniels 5 to 20lb, and Ben Pearson 4 to 19lb. David Briars fished for 24 hours and bagged up with 24 carp from the margins including 2 twenties. Luke... read more

Catch Report 16th April 2018

Damsel is starting to pick up with a mid double common falling to John Angell, Josh Wiles bagged a 20+ mirror, Craig Robertson fishing the feeder picked up a 7lb bream and Rob Sullivan a 16lb and a twenty. Piotr Wojdalowecz bagged two twenties and a 16-08. Lewis... read more

Catch Report 9th April 2018

Longer daylight hours have triggered the fish into moving but with the water temperature still low big catches are still elusive. At last, however, the forecast is good with double figure daytime temperatures and 6 or 7 overnight. Damsel has been hard fishing lately... read more

Catch Report 2nd April 2018

All lakes are producing fish but still reacting slow due to the amount of rain we have recently had. Carp Lake managed a couple of fish for Tom Pratt at 17lb 8oz and an 18lber, with a few other fish coming to Nikki Cresswell and Craig at 16lb and 15lb Commons. The... read more