All Lakes Open

Damsel : Simon Chitty banked 5 to 15lb. Rob and Matt had 5 to 16lb between them while James and Nick were catching plenty of bream. Bob Spencer landed a 19-07 mirror.

Carp Lake : Kevin Tingey and Martin Walton banked 10 to 16lb, all of them falling to zigs overnight. Steven Freear put a solid bag in the margin with 2 pieces of fake corn on the hook which resulted in a 22-06 common. James Cowling was another with a twenty, a 21lb mirror. Michael Horwood netted 6 to 18lb and 4 tench to 7-12 and Colin Horwood landed a 19-11 ghostie. The staff of Manor Farm had a social on Monday night to celebrate Jonny Fromant’s birthday. Jonny banked 15 to 21-08 and a PB mirror at 20-10 plus an 8lb bream and a 5-08 tench, Jack Davison caught 12 to 18lb.

On Becks Barry Neale and his son James bagged 19 to 14lb on a 48 hour session. Greg Layzell caught 7 including a 24lb mirror and a 5lb tench. Kieran Phipps landed 6 to 16lb and on a 48 hour session James Robnett and Adam Billings bagged up with 23 carp to 19lb between the and 9 big bream. They were using Nutcracker boilies.

On the Canal Paul Hutchinson was catching numerous single figure carp fishing the margin with a pole.

Blunham saw David Lyon catch 4 to 16lb and Steve Fitzjohn 1 carp at 8lb and 5 bream to 5lb. Gary Wood caught his first tench at 4lb to sweetcorn, he also had roach and 6 bream to 5lb on maggot using a quivertip.

Andy Gilbert, Lee Heath and Stewart booked 48 hours on Winters, Andy caught a 15-04 common, Stewart saved a blank right at the end of the session with a 27-12 common while Lee caught 4 to 27-02. They were all fishing a chod with just a handful of boilies as freebies. Gabriel Prodan banked 5 to 29lb including a 26-08 off the top. Ben Wakefield also had a good 48 hours on Winters. Fishing Monday and Tuesday he banked 10 fish, including 3 commons at 23lb, 25lb and 29lb, The Zip at 30lb and The Big Scaley at 33-12, his UK PB.

Booneys saw Luke Hipgrave land a nice scaley off the top after a good scrap. Marcus and Bogdan fished The Point swim and banked a couple low double carp and enjoyed catching a good bag of over 50 rudd up to 30cm long. Dan Clarke banked a 22lb common and a low double. Paul Weston fishing the north end of the lake caught 6 to 23-02 and a tench with Jason Quince who also caught 6 to 22lb including one of the lakes stunning scaleys at just under 17lb (pictured).