All Lakes Open

On Damsel Jack Reynolds bagged 4 to 14lb, Stuart Raby 3 to 13lb, James Wheeler a 14lb. Ian Bartram banked a 17-15 mirror and an 18-03 common and Richard Saunders another twenty at 20-09 Liam Bennet netted a 15lb, Dave Hollands a 13-04 and Lewis Perry (pictured) 3 to 20lb.

On Becks Jack banked his PB at 14lb. James Reilly bagged 10 carp to 18-05 and Keith Blake caught a 13lb common.

On Blunham Vickie and Matt Dudley-Cave each broke their PB with 13-06 to Vickie and a 15-11 to Matt

On Carp Lake Alex Aldred netted two commons at 18-07 and 19lb and a 22-04 mirror. Lee Gapp caught 3 to 21lb and Paul Shadbolt two mid doubles. Steven Freear on Sunday had a 16lb and an 18lb. Bas Moulding banked 3 to 26-10 and Mick Payne 2, both at 19lb, Alan Taylor banked 3 twenties.

Steven Freear fished Booneys for the first time on Saturday and banked a 21-03 common, Steve Bartlett a mid double and Ryan Murphy a 19-04. Jake Douglas caught a 20-08, Lewis Thomas a 15lb, Millar Woskit 17lb and Lee Morgan 18-02

The Match Canal hosted the 5th match in the Autumn Open Series. Gary Dunning won 1st place with 50lb on peg 21. 2nd was Darren Tait with 40-01 on peg 10, 3rd Del Waite 34lb peg 6and 4th John Patmore 32-13 peg 18..