All Lakes Open

On Damsel Dave Hollands an his two mates banked 13 carp between them, biggest to Dave at 19-04 to 3 grains of sweetcorn and 1 grain of fake corn. Alan Wright and Chris Chorley were both catching carp and bream. Tilly and Ella each caught a 16lb common while Ashley and Ollie had 2 carp to 15lb and 2 bream. Michael Andrews banked 2 to 17lb.

On Becks Henry Fowler banked 2 commons to 17-08 and 2 mirrors to 19-08  and Scott Wyman a 22-08. Baz Franklin was catching tench to 6lb and bream and Daryl caught a 14-02 common. Lee French bagged 20 fish over 2 nights at the A1 end, he struggled at first but then scaled down to catch 6 carp to 17lb, 9 bream and 5 tench, all on a single fake corn. An unexpected and sizable eel was caught by Daniel, the first reported at Manor Farm for some time.

On Carp Lake Kian McCarthy had 2 carp, one just under and one just over 20lb. Callum Ratley banked the orange koi at 14lb along with 2 commons at 13lb and 19-08, Kieran Ratley caught a 16lber. Brian and Lee Morgan each had a carp one at 17-08 and the other at 18-08. Jake Douglas caught 2 commons to 14-11.

On Winters Kevin Tingey landed a 20lb common and a mid double. Aaron Turner down from Coventry fished a bottom bait on a clear spot and was rewarded with 2 at 25lb and 28lb. Tony Lawrence banked 3 to 24lb and Stuart Minney bagged 5 to 23lb. Earlier in the week Steven Freear hit Winters for the first time for a 72 hour session, he bagged 7 carp, 3 over 20lb, biggest 24-04 and 2 at 19lb plus, all in the margin with a solid bag and single piece of corn. Morgan Bacon also picked up 3 commons to 26-14 midweek as did Paul and Ryan Andrews, Paul banked a 26-08 and Andrew a 20lb

On Booneys Greg Taylor caught 2 to 14-02 and a tench and David Byrnes a 15lb mirror. Justin Clark had 3 to 18lb and Craig Ward (pictured) 2 commons at 21-04 and 21-08.