All Lakes Open

Carp Lake is continuing to fish well here at Manor Farm but on the other lakes spawning has not yet finished making sport a little slower.

On Damsel Matt caught 6 to 18-08, and Ian 6 to 17lb and a bream. Nick Fulton landed 5 to 18lb and a bream.

On Carp Lake Colin Evans banked 6 to 18-08. Sam Burden 11 to 15-14 and Matt Wallace (pictured) 9 to 21-10. Daniel Sharpe 6 to 17-04. Craig Daniels 4 to 19-02, Elliot 3 to 18-04 and Ben a 17lb. Valentin 6 to 24lb. Anthony Roberts 7 to 23-07, Gareth Roberts 3 to 12lb and Chris Roberts 13 to 18lb.

On Becks Jason 4 to 21-03 Lee 5 carp and a tench. Martin Walker 3 to 18lb, Nick 2 carp and 2 tench to 6lb. Mark Cannon 3 to 18lb and 4 bream to 9lb. Shaun Nightingale 2 to 19-10.

PMR Ltd booked Winters to hold their annual works match. Paul Murphy landed a 23lb and a 25lb, Nick a 17lb and a 27lb, Josh a 19lb and Neil a 9lb.

On Booneys Paul Weston banked 4 to 19-06, Martin Walton landed a 13lb and Doug Hartness caught a 15lb common and a 24-07 mirror. Ben Kitching on his first visit to Booneys banked a 24lb common and a 25-05 mirror and Michael Hunt caught 7 to 25-05 over hemp, pellets and crushed boilie

The 7th match in the Spring Open Series was won by Dennis Page on peg 17 with 117-12, second place went to Paul Boltryk with 95lb on peg 21, third was Keri Bolitho on peg 11 with 76lb.