All Lakes Open

There was a chill wind blowing at Manor Farm this weekend and a few leaves turning yellow but anglers were still enjoying sport.

On Damsel Chesa Claudiu banked a 17lb a 20lb and several bream to 9lb. Jay Burton a 14lb while Sam and Neil Sibley had 3 to 22-06 from the margin.

On Carp Lake Andrew Dorrington caught a 19lb common. Richard Pigram a 16lb common using a krill pop up on a chod. Chris Buckland had 2 to 15lb. Stan 2 to 19lb, Paul an 18lb mirror, Simon Chitty 2 to 21lb and Mark Hook 2 to 14-08. Phil Grimshaw caught a 17lb common and Lloyd Chapman a 14lb common. James Cowling 2 commons to 21lb from the margin. Steven Freear bagged up with 10 to 21-11 and a 6-02 tench.

On Becks Sam and Dan had 5 between them to 15lb, Rob McDonald a 12lb common and a 4lb tench to a solid bag in the margin. Leigh Amer a 15lb and an 18lb. Shaun a 16lb.and Neil sewell a 22-05

On Canal Paul Hutchins was catching plenty of carp around the 6lb mark in the margin.

On Winters Tony banked a 15-08 and a 29lb common. Reffa 3 mid doubles and Paul an 18lb and a 22lb. During the week Jonny Fromant landed his PB mirror with a nice scaley at 20-12

On Booneys Dean Hilton caught a 14-08 common to a method feeder fished over to the reeds from The Point swim. Coming down from Southport Jake Turner landed a 21lb fish and Josh Harvery had 3 to 18lb. Josh Virgo banked a 22lb common and a 23lb mirror, his friend Oli Fisher had a 24-10 common. Ross Sterwart a 16lb common. David Byrnes (pictured) at the north end a 29-04 common to krill.