All Lakes Open

On Damsel Simon Chitty landed 3 to 16lb and Robert Prutton 2 to 18lb. Jamie Pullen bagged 7 to 22-06 including the orange koi at 10-02. James Nicholls 6 to 16-10 and 4 bream and Aiden Nicholls, aged 8, 3 to 14-10 his PB. John Brooks caught 2 to 12lb and a bream using his ‘Distance Keeper. Mark Hook caught 4 to 16lb and David Emery 2 to 20-04. Claire Gollick banked her PB at 16-13. Joe Doherty had 3 to 19-02 and Brain Mickleburgh a 19-12.


On Carp Lake Gary Hatchett netted a 20lb, Ben Carmichael 14 to 16lb. Dave and Danny Small 6 to 16lb, Ian Lefort an 18-12. Neal Clayton a 17lb. and Mark Trigg banked a 26lb 8oz on Urban baits in the margin. Steve Berrington had 2 twenties out midweek.

Becks fished well with Ben Carmichael taking 2 to 21-08 before he switched to Carp lake. Morgan Bingham came down from Hull with his dad and banked a 21-08 PB on his 11th birthday and Barry Evans 6 to 21lb. Ryan 4 to 10lb. Michael Horwood had a 14lb common, a 5lb tench and rudd on float fished maggot. Colin Horwood banked 4 carp to 15lb and 3 bream between 8lb and 10lb. Frank and Jamie each had a carp at 15lb and Martin Weemes 5 to 21-02 his PB. Carl Harvey caught 4 to 16-14 and a 7-02 bream. Katie King and her boyfriend had a good weekend Brett caught 3 commons to 17lb and Katie banked 5 to 16lb beating her PB twice. Luke Bowman bagged 6 carp to 22-08 and 2 tench.

Winters is still consistently producing. Jae Stevens caught 2 to 16-08, Tony Virgo 3 to 15-10 and Josh Virgo the orange koi at 14-10 and a PB 24-10 common. Dave Hansen a 15lb Steve Last 3 to 16-10. Marcin Wozniak, his first time on Winters caught 5 to 24lb. Stefan Kirbyshire had 4 to 25lb on solid bags with Mainline Cell and a Cell wafter. Morgan Bacon on an overnighter on Thursday had 4 to 23-15 and caught The Zip at 26lb on Sunday evening. Stuart Minney spent a couple of evenings stalking and bagged a 16-08 mirror and a 31-05 common. Sam Kelly fished on July 27 and landed 8 fish, 6 of which were over 20lb, biggest 27-08 with Steve Kelly who had 6 fish, including 2 twenties, biggest 23-04.

Booneys was quieter this weekend with Jason Lawlor catching 2 to 20lb on Mad Baits Strawberry White pop ups. Graham Povey landed a 15lb common