All Lakes Open

Aaron Whitmill 28lb PB Carp Lake 30 Oct

Earlier in the week here at Damsel Lake Alex Cull had a good session with his grandson and together they caught 3 fish to 18lb. Dave Hatcher fishing a tiger nut boilie over hemp also landed a 19-8 and Scott Brooks had 3 to 15lb on Manilla. Bogdan and Marius were also in on the action with 3 to 15lb and 1 bream. On Becks Lake Dave O’Connel landeda 17-8 and Paul Vidler caught 3 to 22lb and a bream. On Booneys Josh Mabbit caught 2 to 25-14 and a tench while his friend Chris Hayward landed a 15-7. A 60 – 75cm pike also came out of Booneys to Grzegorz. On Winters Kevin Tingey continues his success with  a 20-5, Nick Fulton took 3 to 26-8 and Aaron Price 3 to 29-2. On Carp Lake George Barbeselu caught a 22lb on a krill pop up, Lucian also caught a 22lb, the highlight of the week though was for Aaron Whitmill (pictured) and Darren Swannel on their first visit to Manor Farm, they fished a 24 hour session on Carp Lake and were both rewarded with their personal best, a 28 for Aaron and a 22 for Darren.