All Lakes Open

On Damsel Scott Brooks caught a 15lb, Steven Tongue two low double commons and Jamie Boness 4 to 18-08 and a bream using pop ups and wafters. Simon Boness on his first time on Damsel bagged 5 to 20-04 and a new PB ,Craig Daniels had two twenties.

On Becks Andy Smith caught a 12 -08 and a 14-08, James Alderton a 14-09 and a 19-08, Ashley Temple a 12lb, Jay Burton a 16-04 common and Mark 4 to 22lb and a bream. Steve bagged 5 to 18lb and Colin 3 to 20-08. Mark Hankin and Neil Strivens caught a 15lb and a 10-05. Katie King enjoyed 6 hours on Becks and was well chuffed with a new common PB of 21.08.

On Blunham Jake Smith netted a brace of low doubles and on the Match Canal Noah aged 5 picked up 18 perch with his first go at using a rod and reel having been used to a whip.

On Carp lake Andy Uhl netted two low doubles, Marc Lamprell an 18-08 common and a 21-08 common, Steve Buck an 18lb and Brian Morgan two commons to 17lb from the margin on a 10mm snowman. Paul Gibson had 3 to 18-08 and Johnny Butcher a 17-09 on bloodworm bottom bait. Bas Moulding bagged 3 commons and Steven Freear banked another twenty.

On Winters Tony Virgo netted two commons at 16-03 and 19lb. Adam Stevens caught 2, including 2tone at 28lb a new PB. Chris caught a 16-04 mirror and Paul Vidler a 17-08 common. Lee Murray bagged his first thirty and a PB at 31lb also a mid twenty and Harry More banked a 30-02

On Booneys Dave Cowan netted 25-04 during the night and Mark Sollis caught a 16lb and Tony James 2 to 15-05