All Lakes Open

Once again a couple of anglers have caught their personal best here at Manor Farm; Jack Greenough landed a 28-08 common on Carp Lake and Billy Shaw caught a 20-02 common on Booneys with a red pop up. Jack also landed a 22-04 and 2 around 13lbs, he was fishing a white pop up over a sprinkling of Cell boilies. Fishing with Jack was Adam who caught a 16lber. Also on Carp Lake Marc banked 4 to 22lbs, Richard Pigram bagged 6 fish up to 20lb using a Krill pop up on a Chod. John Butcher had 2 commons at 14lb and 24lb. Also in on the action were Graham Clarke,with a 16-02 and a 22-0; and Sam and Cameron each taking fish to 18lb.

Damsel Lake fished well again, Kevin Tingey caught 3 to 16lb  with Ross Burridge who took 2 to 18lb. Darren Rayner bagged an 18lb mirror, a 21lb common and a 14lb koi, fishing fake corn and a PVA bag with pellets, fishing with Geoff Reid they bagged 14 carp and 12 bream between them. Francis Jervis caught a 12lber and Adam Hobbs a 16-08 while Scott Brooks landed a 21-06 and a 17-04 fishing a white pop up.

Becks Lake has been slow to wake up but this week was showing bream and tench. Dave caught 5 bream and a 15lb carp; Daniel Cooper caught 2 carp to 19lb and bream, Tom had a 7-08 tench and bream weighing 5-7lb and a 5lb tench came out to Peter.

Gabriel Prodan caught 4 tench on Booneys along with a mirror carp. Martin Tharby bagged a 24lb common fishing off on of the islands in just 24 inches of water using a pink pop up.Lewis and Ben caught a 5lb tench and a 15lb common. On Thursday Oliver Richards bagged the lake record common weighing in at 33-08 (pictured) at the North end of the lake using Stickbait’s  Bloodworm

On Winters Sam Burden and Matt Wallace fished the double swim on Booneys side of the lake, Sam finished up with 8 fish to 29-06 mirror, he also bagged a 25-02 common fishing a pop up over a scattering of boilies.. Matt caught 2 fish to 21lb. Also on Winters Hayes banked 3 to 26lb using Mainline Activ8, and Paul Simpkins bagged a 26-13 fully scaled.