All Lakes Open

The Carp lake fished well this weekend having spawned 2 weeks ago but the other lakes are playing catch up with sporadic bouts of spawning making fishing more difficult and saw some anglers doing well but others struggling.

Amongst those who caught this week and this weekend were: on Damsel, Jamie Blackwell who bagged 12 to 24-14 fishing on the bottom over night and surface fishing during the day. Mike Butler landed a 19lb common and a 16lb mirror and Nick Hulks banked 7 to 20lb


On Carp Lake – Wayne Avis caught 7 to a 19-12 fully scaled mirror (pictured) in the week. This weekend Danny caught 3 to 23lb, his PB. Steve Last bagged up with 22 fish from 10lb to 23-02. Andy Steggles was close behind him with 19 to 22-14, Tony Virgo netted 4 to 18-08. Adam Stevens caught 9 including a 17-08 and a 18-09. Oliver Fisher banked 6 to 14lb and Josh Virgo 8 to 22lb. Liam Kelly 6 to 21lb. Ian Bowles 4 to 22lb. Ricky and Alan Oxlade 6 to 18-08. Paul Caudrey 4 to 25-08. Alan and Connor Boyd 12 to 22lb and Brian Morgan 4 to 17lb.

Becks was a lot harder going but Kieran Miles caught a 22-08 common. Ian a 17-11 off the top. Shane took 3 to 14lb. Jay Whitbread 2 to 20lb and George a 16lb carp and an 8lb bream

In the week Nathan Lee surfaced fished Blunham and caught 16 to 17-08, his best session yet and also bagged his PB.

On the Canal James Brown was amongst those catching carp and tench and silvers.

On Winters Matthew Kingsford banked Scar at 32-08 on Signature Squid over a scattering of Manilla. This weekend Sean Pashley caught 9 to 28-15, (The Football), including another 5 twenties from 23lb to 27lb. Rick caught 2 to 27-06 (The Big Fully) and Jordan Pashley 4 to 19-06

On Booneys Stuart Newell banked 5 to 26-02 on Winters side. Gabriel Prodan landed four twenties on the North Bank. Lee Faulkner had a 15lb mirror and Ben a 23-08 common and a 24lb mirror and a 19lb common fell to Andy Stapleton. The biggest tench reported so far from Booneys was a 12-02 specimen caught by Alan Peck earlier in the week. Steve Berrington had a 25-05 out mid week and a few came out to surface baits.