All Lakes Open

A chilly autumnal day on Saturday followed hot late summer sun on Sunday and Monday gave mixed results at Manor Farm this Bank Holiday weekend.

On Damsel Jack Oakins caught bream and carp to 14-08, Michael Bundy 2 carp to 17lb. Louis Andrews and Anthony Eldridge banked 8 to 20lb and Neil Sewell an 18lb common. Fishing together Sven Anderson banked 4 mid doubles, Chris Guymer 5 to 15lb and Luke Hipgrave 11 to 15lb including the orange koi. Matthew Cornwell banked his UK PB at 22-08 on a Mainline Tuttu Fruiti .Graham Bateman and Jason McArdle banked 10 fish between them  up to 23lb, one at 10lb and the rest high doubles. Piotr Wojdlowicz caught caught 3 to 16lb all off the top

On Becks Alan had a 16-03 common and Will caught 3 to 16lb. Mark Dodd bagged a 15-02 mirror and an 18-01 common on Nash Zig Bugs one foot under the surface. Ed Clarke banked 4 to 20-04 under his rod tip with a pop up over 6mm pellet. Kirk had a 16lb common off the island.Alan Murrell 3 to 16-04 and Kian McCarthy 2 to 18-04. James Coles 4 to 16-08, Manuel Osan 2 to 18lb, and Norbert Hodasz 2 to 19lb

On Carp Lake Craig Daniels banked the yellow koi at 14-08, Lee Turner banked 2 to 19-08 and Jamie Hunting a 21lb common. Paul Coleman caught a 24lb common and Robin Stannard a 19-02 within a half hour into his day ticket. Mike Lucas had 4 to 15-08, Julie Shadbolt caught an 11-08 carp on the float with 6lb mainline and a size 12 hook, she went on to bag a 23lb mirror on a single white Manilla pop up on a Ronnie Rig. Paul Shadbolt caught 2 to 18lb. Andreas Fencovas caught 3 high doubles to 18lb. Brian Morgan a 19-08 and a 22lb to a chod rig and Lee Morgan a 17-02.Paul Coleman caught an 18lb, a 20-04 and a 22lb. Tommy Atkins banked 4 to 20-14 on a dayticket. Louis Methven bagged his PB at 20lb During the week David Barnham enjoyed his best session so far with 13 fish to 28lb including 4 other twenties.

On Booneys Francis Jervis 17lb Paul Hargreaves 15lb Ricky Clark 17lb and a 19lb. Stuart Minney 3 to 21-07 and Steve an 18lb.

On Winters Greg Foot 21-04 and 2 low doubles, Richard Beaumont 2 to 23lb, Jack McMahon 2 low doubles. Andy and Craig caught one each to 24lb. Steven Ely a 26lb, a 26-12 and a 27-13. Carl Clark a 23-15 common. In the week Daniel Gray (pictured) enjoyed another good session catching 6 fish including a 26lb 12oz common, a 25lb 2oz common and a PB mirror of 22lb 11oz Morgan Bacon bagged The Big Scaley at 27-15

The second match in the Autumn Open series on the Canal was won by Gary Dunning on peg 8 with 73-04, in second place was Paul Kyle on peg 13 with 65-12 and third was Andy Tebbut on peg 9 with 59lb.