All Lakes Open

Cold overnight temperatures put a bit of a brake on catches this weekend, nevertheless John Ryder caught a 25-01 common on Carp Lake on Saturday morning to a bloodworm boile tipped with IB corn. Dell Ryder also caught 25.02lb on Friday evening to a bloodworm boilie topped with IB fake corn with a pva bag of pellets and crushed boillies. Terry landed 4 fish to 20lb Aaron caught 3 to 18-08 and Steve Ferguson bagged 5 to 23-10. Dan Jackson banked 4 to 24lb and Reece Jackson had 4 to 20lb and a bonus tench. Dave, whose previous PB was 10lb smashed it with a 24-08. Chris Hayward bagged 6 fish to 18-4 and Michael Buckingham had 2 mid doubles.
On Becks Lake sport was slower with Brett taking a 9-09, Harry picking up a 15lb common fishing up to the reeds. Josh caught a 15-15 common and David Coles and Chris O’Brian landed 9 bream between them to 8lb. Blunham Lake saw Jay land 2 commons and his friend Dean land 4 commons to 14lb, Chris Payne had one at 10lb.
On Winters sport was slower than last week but Billy landed an 18lb common using a snail as a hookbait and fishing close to the reeds. Stuart Minney also caught a 22lb common and during the week Steve Berrington on his first time on Winters banked a 21-04. Anglers were struggling on Booneys, the only report at the weekend was Kraig Dunn picking up one fish at 16-08. However during the week Daz and Ash Francis continued to find the fish with Daz banking a 26-0 and a 27-04 and Ash (pictured) banking the current lake record fish, although a bit down on its autumn weight, this time it weighed in at 34lb exactly. He has named the fish ‘Onescale’ which seems to us to be a pretty good name.
The second match on the Match Canal was held on Saturday, coming in on first place was our own John Patmore with 59-09, second was Paul Nichols with 49-04, third was Allen Laney with 39-0 and fourth was Andy Tebbut with 36-04.