All Lakes Open

The seriously hot weather at the beginning of the week put a brake on big catches but this weekend saw sport picking up.

On Damsel David Lomas banked a 17lber. Lee Whitby a carp and 2 bream. Paulius a 19lb and Darius a 17lb. Paul Taylor banked 4 doubles. Mark 4 to 17lb. Lee Whitby found Saturday slow going but from 7pm onwards bagged up with a fantastic 26 carp between 9-08 and 22lb and 5 bream

Carp Lake saw Debbie bank a 16-06 carp. Andy Uhl a 17-03 common. Connor Boyd-James 5 to 18lb and a 9lb tench. Ian Jones and Rusell French also caught tench. Mark Jewell netted 2 twenties at 21lb and 22lb. Steve 2 tench and 2 carp to 13-04. Steven Freear also banked 2 twenties a 23-08 mirror and a 24-02 common

On Becks Dan Fogarty caught a 10lb mirror James Hilton a 12lb. Gary Hasson a 12lb common and a 5lb tench and James Beevers caught his PB, a 14lb common
Simon George banked a 17lb mirror a 12lb common and a 4lb tench.

On Winters Michael Buckingham and Nicky Cresswell caught 3 mid doubles and Paul Behan 3 to 20lb.