All Lakes Open

It has been a week of mixed fortune here at Manor Farm, Darren and Ash Francis set up on Carp Lake on Sunday evening and fished through to Wednesday afternoon they had 31 fish between them.. Some of the fish fell to 6 foot zigs in the daytime, they were also fishing over particles on the bottom. Since then anglers have struggled for bites, however Jordan Pashley banked 2 mid doubles, an 18lb and a 17lb today. Over on Damsel Ian bagged a 15lb common fishing a white pop up, Caudiu Chesa bagged a 22lb mirror, and 18lb & 14lb commons  24 Feb and Steve Moodey on 25 Feb caught 2 commons at 12-8 & 14-0 and 2 mirrors at 12-8 & 16-8 and Darren Connor had 2 carp and a bream.. On Becks Lake Mark and Tom caught 6 fish to 21lb on Wednesday. On the Canal Gary was catching carp on bread and roach and perch on maggot. and Richard Farrow was finding carp on Blunham.

Winters and Booneys have been fishing hard but during the week Garrie Lee Fowler banked a stunningly coloured 27-4 on Winters while Andy Collins landed a 21-10 today and Andy Stapleton bagged a 27-4 (pictured) in the night. On Booneys Josh Mabbit continued his run with 3 fish to 26-12. Some of the Greylag geese which flew away for the winter have returned to the lakes, hopefully some spring weather will follow them.