All Lakes Open

Damsel: Lee Whitby had a change from his usual swim and tried the north bank, he bagged 8 carp to 18-08 and 9 bream. Dean Hamilton caught a 12lb mirror. Stuart Raby and Barry Kersey were catching bream. Ryan Smith caught 5 to 14-10 and Riley Smith a 17lb carp. Rob Baldry banked 2 to 18lb. Gavin Jones was fishing with his daughter Amy, aged 10, Gavin caught 2 carp to 18-03 and 2 bream and Amy caught 4 carp to 17-13, her personal best to a Cell snowman. Kieran Phipps caught 5 to 15-15.


Carp Lake was unusually hard going this weekend and few catches were reported. Lee Turner caught 2 to 12lb, Michael Buckingham a mid double, Matthew Lucas a 15-08 and Michael Lucas a 16-08 and a 21-14. Ian at the A1 end caught a 19-14 common on a pineapple pop up.

On Becks Harry Gainham caught his first carp, a 15lb common, on his 15th birthday. Mike caught 4 tench around 4lb and a 5lb bream. Andy Carter caught 5 bream and 3 carp to just under 20lb. Dave Plester and Chris Hill caught 3 commons to 14-08 and an 8lb bream.

On Blunham Sean Shepley found the carp feeding in the margin and had bagged 5 when I caught up with him.

Booneys fished well with Richard catching 2 small carp and Ben Ambler a 15-10. Stuart Minney had 2 commons to 14lb and 2 tench. Leon Stearn bagged a 22lb common and Ross Hayhoe a handsome 29-09 common on a wafter. Earlier in the week Steve Berrington had 2 tench at 8lb and a cracking 10-12 while Josh Mabbit spent 8 nights finishing Thursday and landed 27 fish; 9 tench to 7lb 8oz and 18 carp to a 27lb 8oz common, including a 26lb 4oz common, a 23lb common, a 22lb mirror, a 20lb 10oz common and a 20lb 4oz mirror.

A group of 8 booked Winters for 4 nights ending Sunday. Tony and Andrew Huckle caught 17 fish between them to 25lb. Trevor an 18lb and 2 twenties. Karl 3 commons to 23lb and a 19-10 mirror. Geoff Reid and Darren bagged 26 fish between them to 25lb. Earlier in the week Josh Virgo caught a 22lb 8oz common using a balanced hookbait with a few handfuls of corn over the top and Sam Kelly and his dad caught a 27-07, a 24-02 and a couple of smaller fish.