All Lakes Open

Fishing has been variable this week with fish spawning or getting ready to spawn on some of the lakes.

On Damsel Darren Grace caught 5 to 16-05. Adam Wilson an 11lb and Tom Wilson an 11lb mirror and a 17lb common using Cell and Tiger Nut boilies toppped with plastic corn. Paul Cook banked 2 to 16-12.

On Blunham Garry was amongst those picking up smaller carp

Carp Lake was hard going this weekend, the fish possibly preoccupied with eating eggs and fry from last weekend. Colin Evans caught 3 to 18-12. Ken Nelson a 9lb and a 10lb. John Butcher a 13lb common. Stephen Lawrence a 22lb common and Neil a 16lb. Daniel Clark picked up 2 commons at 16-05 and 20-04. Shaun Keely fishing chopped worm on a waggler bagged 5 including his PB at 25-11.

Becks was the outstanding lake this week. Colin Minty bagged up with 28 fish over 48 hours, including 2 x 18lbs, 4 x 19lbs, 3 x 20’s and a 23-06. Tom Coleman netted 6 fish, a 12lb, a 15lb, a 16lb, 2 x 17lb and an 18lb. Chris Eames caught 6 to 21-10 and Bryan Vahey 4 carp to 18-08 and a bream. Andrew Slingsby netted 2 x 17lb and a 15lb. Daniel Clarke a 16lb and 2 x low doubles. Jamie Morrisoe 2 to 18lb and Zak 4 commons to 21-08. Kelvin Burton caught 2 carp to 20lb and a tench. Earlier in the week Chris Hutchinson bagged his PB at 20-12 and Gareth Llewellyn fishing 48 hours caught 7 fish in total, all on Nash key cray, broke his PB twice first with 22.03lb then a 23 on the dot. He also had a 15-07, 16lb 18lb, 19lb and a 10lb tench.

Booneys has been fishing hard this weekend with many anglers blanking, however Spencer Shaw caught a 19lb common to a zig and Simon a 16-07 common. Tim Haynes and his friend both had a 19lb common on pop ups earlier in the week as did Steve Berrington. On Thursday evening Les the bailiff caught a 15lb common and a 18lb mirror off the top and later on Josh Mabbit netted his PB from surface fishing with a handsome common at 28lb.

On Winters Sam Burden caught 5 including the Triangle Common at 31lb, another 26lb common and Gilbert at 26-12. Jordan Pashley bagged up with 11 including The Pig at 27-10, a 22-15 linear, The Little Fully at 21-08 and another 21lb mirror. all the rest were doubles. Adam caught 4 to 19lb, Wally 3 to 25-02, Paul a 22lb and a 26-12 and Brad a 26lb common and a 27-02. Wally also had a 24-06 and a 26-02 earlier in the week. Chris Jefferys beat his PB with Baby Suicide weighing in at 33-02 with a solid bag tight to an island also in the week and followed up with a 31-02 just as he was packing up. Wednesday was a red letter day for Andy Westrop who on his first time on Winters caught his PB at 25lb on 18mm Cell and then topped it with a 32lb common in the pouring rain.

The 6th Match of the series was fished on the Canal. 1st place to Dennis Page on peg 18 with 67lb, 2nd to Del Waite on peg 15 with 45lb, 3rd to Scott Denton on peg 21 with 42lb and 4th to Karl Lockyear on peg 16 with 36-12.