All Lakes Open

What with last week’s cold northerly winds and correspondingly low temperatures you might be forgiven for thinking that spring had not sprung at all. The abundance of goslings at Manor Farm and the call of the cuckoo suggest otherwise but cold overnight temperatures do seem to have slowed down catches a bit.

On Damsel Liam Nash and Harry Manley each had a common and a mirror and Ryan Bishop on a 48 hour stay banked 4 to 18-04 and 3 bream. Adam Stevens landed 3 to 15lb and Phil Saraiva a 17-08 common fishing pineapple and banana boilies. Jamie Broder caught 2 to 16lb on pop up corn over pellet in a pva bag.

Becks produced quite well, Nick Halsall netted a 21lb common, Steve Toppin and Andy had 2 commons at 15lb and 17-08. Matthew Lewis 4 fish in the high teens. Scott Manning bagged 2 twenties to 22-08. Fishing 3 nights Paul Caudrey banked 8 to 16lb plus a few tench using Manilla and Krill. Rickie Harmes banked an 18-03 common. Kelvin Burton bagged 6 to 21-08 on bottom baits and zigs.

On Carp Lake Andy Uhl caught an 18-14 common fishing a zig, Kai Reilly caught one of the koi on the car park side. John Parrot had a mirror at 20-04 and a common at 21lb. Nicky Cresswell and Michael Buckingham also on the car park side struggled to catch until they switched tactics and tried zigs, then they caught 10 between them to 21-13. Alan Boyd was another to land a twenty, a 22lb common along with Tommy Atkins with a 20-08. Tommy also had a 17-08 and his friend Jake Douglas landed 3 upper doubles. Phil Grimshaw fishing the disabled swim banked a 20-12 to a pcf Stella Yella pop up and Dan Blackwell banked 3 to 21-02

On Booneys Aran Daley caught an 18-15 mirror and Nick Bull enjoyed a good session taking two commons at 19lb and 28lb. A group of lads from Southport came down to visit us again, Nathan bagged a 24-08 to a solid bag and a 15-01 mirror and a fully scaled 24-04 to yellow pop ups on a chod. Josh had a 19-06 and Mike a 22-08, both commons. Jamie Fearley caught a nice double on the point and Gabriel Prodan caught a stunning scaley at 24lb.

Winters produced another PB for Gary Smith at 20-02 on a bottom bait and his friend Michael Hunt landed a 17lb common and 2 mirrors at 18lb and 20-10 to zigs. Jake Virgo banked a 23-02 mirror and a fully scaled at 21lb and Stewart Grice and Mark Horne both had a 19lb common. Jack Reynolds landed 2 twenties to 22lb and Cameron Lovell Landed ‘Gilbert’ at 27lbs to a Cell pop up. Stefan Kirbyshire caught a 19-03 common and went on to catch ‘TwoTone’ at 32-06, his first thirty. Remarkably ‘TwoTone’ came out again the next day – same swim, different spot, but yes, same angler – Stefan Kirbyshire was delighted to renew his acquaintance whereas TwoTone didn’t really seem much bovvered..