All Lakes Open

The hot weather this weekend kept a lot of anglers at home and the fish disinclined to feed. Please do not use large quantities of bait during the hot weather, especially lots of low grade spod. Also please refrain from throwing excess bait in the water at the end of your session, take it home or put it in one of our bins.

Andy Dance caught the orange koi on Damsel.

Darren Batchelor caught an 18lb carp on a zig on Carp Lake. John Reeves banked 7 to 18lb and 3 tench and Neil Frenach 3 to 20-07.

On Becks Sarah caught 3 bream ,one of them on a a zig. David a 14- 10 carp on a Banoffee wafter. James Hutcheon 5 carp and a bream. Lee and John 7 to 19-02 between them Dan Tyrer 3 to 16lb. Michael Ford caught 5 to 21lb. Marcus 2 to 24lb and Matt Jeffrey 4 to 12lb. Jamie netted 5 bream and 2 carp and Dan 4 bream.

Corey Baines (pictured),  aged 4, enjoyed a good session on Blunham on Sunday with a bit of help from his dad Ross. His bag included a 3-04 bream, a 6-04 tench and his PB carp at 13-01. He also had a 6-04 common, some silvers and perch.

The 6th and last match of the Spring Open Series was held on the Match Canal and was won by Ceri Bolitho with 150lbs, 2nd place was Alfie with 76-04 and 3rd Paul Nichols with 33lb.

On Winters Stuart Minney bagged a 32lb common off the top, his english PB.

John Sleight caught 2 commons at 27lb and 31lb on Booneys.