All Lakes Open


Damsel: Richard Saunders caught an 11-07 common, Steve and Danny 9 to 15-08. Michael Creighton a 12lb mirror and a 15lb common. Keith Dean fishing for bream with a feeder rod banked a big carp in the high doubles. Bryn bagged a 16lb, two at 17lb and a 22lb. Roger Scott 4 to 13-08 and Dave Pallister 5 to 13lb and a bream. Tom Slater caught 10 bream a mirror at 15lb and a common at 16lb.

On Becks Tom Metcalf was finding plenty of bream as did Lee French who bagged 6 bream to 7lb, 6 tench to 5lb and 3 carp to 17-08. Henry caught 6 to 21lbs. Leuan celebrated his eighth birthday with his first overnight session with his dad, he banked a 4-06 bream and a 19-04 PB carp.


On Carp Lake Baz Moulding caught a 15-03. Steve Berrington an 18lb common and a 6lb tench. Alex Usher a 17lb. Craig Daniels had 4 to 22-06 and brought his friend Tom Large who hadn’t been fishing for years, he caught a 19-06 PB. Dave Marriot bagged 10 to 20lb and Colin Evans 6 to 16-12. Steven Freear in 6 visits has banked a twenty in all but one of them, this weekend a 20-12 and a 23-12 on Essential IB and a solid bag, he also had 3 other carp, one at 19-10, and 3 tench. Keith Collins banked a 15lb common and David Burnham a 17lb common.

On Blunham Brandon had a great time with his dad, he caught a 12-08 common and a 14-08 PB mirror. Kevin Ballard caught 2 commons around 10lb and a 4lb tench. Matt had 3 off the top to 13lb.

On Booneys some more good rudd fell to Stan and Brian Porter they spent a few hours on the float on Monday and bagged 64 between them. Ian Bowles caught 2 to 18lb and Stuart Minney a 15lb mirror and two tench at 5-08 and 7-04. Josh Mabbit booked himself in on Wednesday and is staying till Thursday, by Sunday afternoon he had banked 7 carp to 23lb and 5 tench to 7-08.

On Winters Alan was unlucky not to bag a twenty in his haul of 6 to 15lb. Kevin Tingey had two commons at 24-13 and 25-13. Andy Westrop 3 to 16lb and Dave Whitby a 13lb, a 27-14 and a 29-15. Richard Pigram had a 25lb fish and Luke Spencer a 15lb, a 21-12, a 27-04 and a 30-07. Two new Personal Bests for Jon Hunter this weekend. A 15-08 PB common and Scar weighing in at 29lbs a new overall PB. Both to yellow foam/plastic corn on a twister rig and a bag of mixed particles.