All Lakes Open

Damsel fished well this weekend with many anglers catching fish, most notably Oliver Fisher, Adam Stevens and Josh and Tony Virgo who fished the south end for 2 nights; Oliver took 4 to 20-04, Adam 5 to 21-08, Josh 6 to 20-01 while Tony missed out on a twenty but bagged 9 to 19-02. Also Andy and Darrell Smith, on their first time at Manor Farm, had a great 48hrs bagging 19 fish; 12 bream ranging from 5-7lb and 7 carp ranging from 10-20lb. Simon Chitty, Steve Robinson, Doug Ashley and Chris Guess were among others who caught with James Bryant banking a 22lb common and Matt Upton netting 5 carp to 17lb and 3 bream and Jason Shill banking 3 to 21-04, a 4lb tench and 2 bream.

On Becks Lake Dave Hatcher caught 6 to 20-08 plus a 7lb bream. Paul Caudry and his girlfriend bagged 5 carp to 17lb and a 9-12 bream. John Reeves fishing 2 nights to the reeds on the A1 end bagged 10 carp to 21lb, 4 tench and 2 bream using 10mm boilies. Dan banked 4 to 21-09 and Tom landed a 21lb.

The Canal and Blunham continued to give good sport and mixed bags to pleasure anglers; Jay landing a nice 15lb carp on Blunham and Ollie also in there with a 12lb with Charlie Dent landing a brace of low doubles in the week. Float anglers were also picking up good fish on Becks.

On Carp Lake the Road Side fished well. Dan and Reece Jackson caught 23 fish between them; Reece 12 including 4 over 20lb and Dan 11 with 2 over 20lb. Liam Henderson took 3 to 21-08 and Jack Reynolds 8 fish between 13lb and 22lb fishing Mainline white pop ups. Sonny Eales caught 4 to 21lb while JJ Coulson, aged 14, outfished his dad by landing a 21-01. Michael Buckingham and Nicky Creswell bagged 9 to 21-04. Sean caught 3 and was another to bag a new PB at Manor Farm with a 25-08. David McKay and Andy Mazzoni bagged 7 between them to 21-02. Elliot Bertram 4 to 26-13 and a tench. Another 20 came out to Stuart Blacow along with a big tench. Ian Hamilton caught 7 to 19lb fishing with Eloise who banked 3 to 18lb. Ben Roberts also caught two 20’s and 2 mid doubles. Mark Freeman snared 2 to 29lb.

On Booneys Ross Burridge banked a 24-08 and a 27lb on Manilla. Stuart Minney using wafters caught a 21lb and a 25-04 and one of Booneys tench at 6-08. Gabriel Prodan on the Winters side of the lake fished between the islands with a pink pop up and landed 2 commons and a mirror to 26lbs. Alan Andrews also banked a 26lb mirror, Ben Siggins-Mackie a 21-07 and Martin Olchawa a 21lb. Sean Backhouse banked two mirrors at 23-01 and 27-06

Winters is still on form and producing more 30’s. A 30-02 fell to Tom on the double swim, Canal side. Dave Field banked a 25lb Common and a 17-12 using Manilla and a white wafter. Rhys Coote landed 2 nice mid doubles and Jonathon Warne in the double swim Booneys side banked a 28lb common to a krill pop up – another PB. Jason Tranter netted a 29-07. Earlier in the week Adam Fye (pictured) banked 6 to 33lb in a 24 hour session, Matthew Kingsford landed 5 to 30-02 and Danny Lovely on his first visit to Manor Farm smashed his PB with a 27-02 and then went on to beat it again with a 29-08. Cameron Lovell also landed a new PB on Winters with a 31-04, he also banked a 20lb common.