All Lakes Open

The better weather this week has been a welcome relief, but the downside is that it has triggered the carp in to spawning. On Carp Lake loads of fish were in the margins doing what they do at this time of year, totally oblivious to anglers just a few feet away. We expect the other lakes to follow suit in the next few days. Despite this some fish were still being caught. We do ask anglers to treat the carp with extra care when they are spawning.

On Carp lake Steve Rogers landed 3 to 25-12, his PB. Adam O’Brien bagged 6 to 24-08. Michael Buckingham and Nicky Creswell took 5 to 21-08 and a bonus tench, much to Nicky’s delight. Steve Hatton took 4 20lb plus fish to 25-05 and Matt took one at 17lb. Craig Daniels netted 3 to 20lb and Calum James a 19-06.

On Damsel Chris Guymer landed a nice common and Graham Chapman banked a 14-09 and a 20-06. Joe had 4 to 13lb, Charlie a nice 19-08 and Dean Hamilton banked 4 to 16lb.

Young Frankie Weatern (pictured) was fishing Blunham with his dad and caught a mirror and a 16lb common, his PB. He was fishing 8mm pellets with a pellet waggler.

On Becks Dan Winfield caught his first tench and went on to land a 16lb carp. Brian Morgan caught a 7lb bream and a 22-12 common. Will caught 2 tench and 2 commons to 21lb while Jay banked a bream and 2 carp around 15lbs.

Winters produced some good fish again. A 20lb mirror and a 26lb common to Luke Spencer. A 16lb, a 21lb a 23-08 mirror and a 26lb fully scaled to Jack Reynolds. Reece Jackson landed 3 to 25-08

On Booneys Mark Wilby caught 2 to 16-08, Jamie Ferey a mirror, a common and two of Booneys many tench. Dave Marriot caught 3 commons to 23-12 on maggots.