All Lakes Open

Carp Lake has come into early form here at Manor Farm. Dell Ryder banked 5 fish to 21-8 to Manilla pop up and fake corn with a solid bag of Manilla pellets. Marek fished the weekend and bagged 9 fish to 24-8 and his friend Gary had 5 to 22-8. Mark and Wayne Johnson landed a 19lb and 18lb respectively. Jamie Bowness caught 2 commons to 18lb and his pal Joe Doherty a 15lb common.  Jamie and Matthew had a 17-10 and 19-8. Neil Conway banked 3 to 17-3 and his step son, Stefan a 16-9. Phil Grimshaw had 2 at 17-8 and 18-8. Kirk bagged 4 to 22-8 using Essential Cell 10mm pop ups. Albie had a 14lb mirror and 2 commons at 16lb and 18lb.

Damsel Lake has also fished well, Paul Parish taking 6 fish to mid double, Luke and Chris had a low double each and Chris had one that was pushing 20lb. Ian Bagged a 19-7 again on Manilla. Stuart and Richard Saunders bagged a 12-8, 12-4 and 14-2 between them , all commons. Luke Robbins caught a bream and 2 low double carp and Ben Unwin 2 bream around 4lb each. Lee Bunyan caught 4 fish to 16-4 using zigs.

On Blunham Dean and Oli enjoyed good sport catching low double carp. On Winters Ashton Stanbridge (pictured) bagged a 22-8 and Logan Newman a 21-2 mirror and a 30-4 common. Over on Booneys Morgan Bacon banked one of the lakes mirrors at 23-4 to Manilla and a solid bag with Manilla Active Mix, Jamie had a good fish, unweighed but around 20lb. During the week Darren and Ashley fished Booneys and enjoyed a haul of 14 fish between them, including 5 20’s and a 30lb. Saturday’s match on The Canal saw Del Waite come in first with 66-12, Darren Tait second with 42-0, Dave Carter third with 29-12 and Gary Dunning fourth with 27-0.