All Lakes Open

There was a sharp drop in air pressure and some pretty miserable weather this weekend keeping a lot of anglers at home. Despite this fish were still caught.

On Damsel Darren Davie caught 3 bream and a nice 21-02 common.

On Carp Lake Spencer Hedingham banked a 20-12 and Zac Hedingham 4 commons, 2 at 16lb and 2 at 15lb. Chris Harris caught a 13lb common, a 16-04 mirror and a 4lb tench. Tom Large netted a 16-04 mirror and Craig Daniels 3 to 18lb. Wayne Durler bagged 2 at 12lbs, a 14lb, an 18lb and a 22lb common. Chris Harris caught 3 mid doubles and a 4lb tench and Stefanie Lewis caught her first fish ever, a 17lb carp. John Beavis had 2 to 18-08 and Lee Redhead 3 to 19lb. Miller Woskett banked the orange koi at 15-02 and a common at 22-08

On Becks Michael Murrell caught 2 to 13lb, Gary Blunt an 11lb common and Jacob a 15lb common. Darren caught 2 low doubles, Tom a 12-08 and Michael Gould a 17-08.

On Blunham Matt Dudley-Cave caught his PB at 15-01 on a method feeder on the last cast of the day.

On Winters Charlie Page caught 5 to 25-10 and Eddie Page 3 to 15lb. Sam banked a 18-08 and Joe Tasker a 26-02. Steven Freear was looking to beat his PB and did so with The Zip at 29-06, he also banked 4 others, 3 of which were over 20lb. In the week Morgan Bacon had his last 48 hour session on Winters before going back to Uni. He had 9 fish, 6 of which were 20lb plus to solid bags and the beachcaster. The twenties were 22-09 common, 23lb mirror, 25-08 mirror ‘TwoTone’, 26-12 common, 27-08 mirror ‘The Big Scaley’ and a 27-10 ‘The Long Common’.

On Booneys Jason Smith had 2 to 18-04 and Steve Bartlett 5 fish all around the 17lb mark. Stuart Minney caught 2 to 17lb and Jack Milton (pictured) on his first visit to Booneys bagged a 14-04 and a stunning 18lb mirror.

The third match of the Autumn Open Series was held on Blunham and was won by Tony Ryan on peg 8 with 14lb, 2nd was Paul Nicholls on peg 1 with 13-05 and 3rd was Darren Tait on peg 6 with 12-12. The August photo competition was won by Andy Uhl for his catch photo of of the black and white koi from Carp lake