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Catch and Blog Archive for Manor Farm Fishing

Catch Report 25th September 2017

On Damsel Paul Thistleton banked a 15lb carp. Drew Ogden landed a 20lb mirror on Cell, Andrew Ogden 2 to 13-08 on Pacific Tuna and Roy Ogden a 15lb on Cell. Trevor Ogden landed 4 bream and Nicky Rodgers banked 2 at 16lb and 18lb. Richard Saunders bagged a 23-15 PB... read more

Catch Report 18th September 2017

Damsel was a little quiet this weekend but saw Richard Saunders bag a nice common at 20-15. Gary Hassan also had a common at 15lb and a bream. Dave Varney a 6-08 tench, Simon a 12lb mirror, Duncan Mitchell 3 to 15-08 and Karolis banked an 18lb common and 2 bream. On... read more

Catch Report 11th September 2017

There was a sharp drop in air pressure and some pretty miserable weather this weekend keeping a lot of anglers at home. Despite this fish were still caught. On Damsel Darren Davie caught 3 bream and a nice 21-02 common. On Carp Lake Spencer Hedingham banked a 20-12... read more

Catch Report 4th September 2017

There was a chill wind blowing at Manor Farm this weekend and a few leaves turning yellow but anglers were still enjoying sport. On Damsel Chesa Claudiu banked a 17lb a 20lb and several bream to 9lb. Jay Burton a 14lb while Sam and Neil Sibley had 3 to 22-06 from the... read more

Catch Report 28th August

A chilly autumnal day on Saturday followed hot late summer sun on Sunday and Monday gave mixed results at Manor Farm this Bank Holiday weekend. On Damsel Jack Oakins caught bream and carp to 14-08, Michael Bundy 2 carp to 17lb. Louis Andrews and Anthony Eldridge... read more

Catch Report 21st August 2017

Fewer anglers were hitting the bank at Manor Farm this week no doubt allowing things like summer holidays to get in the way of their fishing, those who decided against such frivolity were rewarded with some excellent fishing. On Damsel Gary Robertson bagged 12 fish... read more

Catch Report 14th August 2017

  On Damsel Paul Herron caught 2 to 15-07 and 2 bream. Roy Driver banked 3 to 21-07, Danny 7 to 23-05 and Damon 5 to 17lb all to Mainline Banoffee. Mike Lucas caught 5 to 18lb, Matthew Lucas 3 to 17lb and Ben lucas 2 to 15-08. Kevin Burton bagged 5 to 20lb and 3... read more

Catch Report 7th August 2017

On Damsel Dave Hollands an his two mates banked 13 carp between them, biggest to Dave at 19-04 to 3 grains of sweetcorn and 1 grain of fake corn. Alan Wright and Chris Chorley were both catching carp and bream. Tilly and Ella each caught a 16lb common while Ashley and... read more

Catch Report 31st July 2017

On Damsel Simon Chitty landed 3 to 16lb and Robert Prutton 2 to 18lb. Jamie Pullen bagged 7 to 22-06 including the orange koi at 10-02. James Nicholls 6 to 16-10 and 4 bream and Aiden Nicholls, aged 8, 3 to 14-10 his PB. John Brooks caught 2 to 12lb and a bream using... read more

Catch Report 24th July 2017

Damsel: Lee Whitby had a change from his usual swim and tried the north bank, he bagged 8 carp to 18-08 and 9 bream. Dean Hamilton caught a 12lb mirror. Stuart Raby and Barry Kersey were catching bream. Ryan Smith caught 5 to 14-10 and Riley Smith a 17lb carp. Rob... read more

Catch Report 17th July 2017

  Damsel: Richard Saunders caught an 11-07 common, Steve and Danny 9 to 15-08. Michael Creighton a 12lb mirror and a 15lb common. Keith Dean fishing for bream with a feeder rod banked a big carp in the high doubles. Bryn bagged a 16lb, two at 17lb and a 22lb.... read more

Catch Report July 10th 2017

Damsel : Simon Chitty banked 5 to 15lb. Rob and Matt had 5 to 16lb between them while James and Nick were catching plenty of bream. Bob Spencer landed a 19-07 mirror. Carp Lake : Kevin Tingey and Martin Walton banked 10 to 16lb, all of them falling to zigs overnight.... read more

Catch Report 3rd July 2017

Damsel has come back in to form here at Manor Farm but the denizens of Carp Lake were playing hard to get this weekend. 2 anglers broke their PB on Winters this week and both went on to break it again on the same session. Please remember that the best tactic... read more

Catch Report 26th June 2017

The seriously hot weather at the beginning of the week put a brake on big catches but this weekend saw sport picking up. On Damsel David Lomas banked a 17lber. Lee Whitby a carp and 2 bream. Paulius a 19lb and Darius a 17lb. Paul Taylor banked 4 doubles. Mark 4 to... read more

Catch Report 19th June 2017

The hot weather this weekend kept a lot of anglers at home and the fish disinclined to feed. Please do not use large quantities of bait during the hot weather, especially lots of low grade spod. Also please refrain from throwing excess bait in the water at the end of... read more

Catch Report 12th June 2017

As last week it has been Carp Lake that has produced results this weekend. Becks is also coming back in to form. Spawning was interrupted with poor weather but with the weather set fair for the foreseeable future we are expecting spawning to start again on most lakes... read more

Catch Report 5th June 2017

Carp Lake is continuing to fish well here at Manor Farm but on the other lakes spawning has not yet finished making sport a little slower. On Damsel Matt caught 6 to 18-08, and Ian 6 to 17lb and a bream. Nick Fulton landed 5 to 18lb and a bream. On Carp Lake Colin... read more

Catch Report 29th May 2017

The Carp lake fished well this weekend having spawned 2 weeks ago but the other lakes are playing catch up with sporadic bouts of spawning making fishing more difficult and saw some anglers doing well but others struggling. Amongst those who caught this week and this... read more