All Lakes Open

Paulius Misevicius 19-7 Becks 3 Spet

This weekend Winters Lake was booked by Paul Murphy Refurbishments for a works outing. Paul himself caught the most fish, 5 to 25lb and the biggest was 29-4 to Darren. On Carp Lake Tony Arnold caught 3 fish to 16-4 but was out-fished by his 8 year old son, Trey who took 6 to 17-4.  Danny caught 2 commons at 19lb and 24lb and a linear mirror at 20lb. Mick Trustlove, David Worgan and Alan Millar were amongst those enjoying good sport on the Match Canal catching plenty of low doubles. On Becks Lake Paulius Misevicius (pictured) and his friend Darius caught 18 fish to 20lb using strawberry boilies. Regulars Josh Mabbit and Chris Hayward decided to spend a week of their summer holidays on Booneys Lake and were rewarded with 45 carp between them, Chris’s best being  28-12 and Josh’s 22-8. Also on Booneys Andy Baker had taken 5 commons to 18lb and a 24-8 mirror at the time of writing. Also in the action on Booneys were Zac Welch with a 17-2, Wez Oakman with a 20lb caught on sweet corn and Stuart Minney with a 20lb common.